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TCT Saw Blade Terminology

Terminology pictures

1. TCT Saw Blade Terminology

Name Detail   Name Detail
B Bore   PH Pinhole
ES Expansion Slot   R Relief Angle
G Gullet   S Shoulder
H Hook Angle   T Saw body thickness
K Kerf   TB Top Bevel Angle
OD Outside diameter   TCT Tungsten Carbide Tip
PCD Pitch Circle Diameter   TH Tooth Height
P Pitch   Z Number of tooth

2. TCT Saw Blade Dimensioning System (mm)

OD K T B PH Dimension Z
450 3.0 2.5 50 4 / 15 / 80 120
※ Pinhole dimension 4 / 15 / 80 stands for ; 4 holes of 15㎜ diameter located on a PCD 80 ㎜